A small bedside table inspired by the Ulmer Hocker.
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The Bedslide table is a space saving side table that can be partially slid underneath a bed.
It offers two placing areas; one on top which is always accessible and the second one can be slid underneath the bed for more space as well as privacy.

This furniture is mainly made out of light birch wood. For the bottom edges of the side panels and the rod the harder beech wood was chosen. The pieces are connected with box joints.
One of the goals of this project is to gain some experience in wood working; each step from finding the right timber to cutting out the wood pieces, making box joints with millimetre precision, to assembling, sanding and finally applying the wax Büffel Glanz, was exciting and insightful.

🅒 Leo Mühlfeld
Created with the help of the wood workshop

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